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 latest news a new site for swapping buying and selling second hand clothes officially launched on 28th April 2009. a new site for swapping buying and selling second hand clothes officially launched on 28th April 2009. The website which features vintage, second hand and restyled clothes is completely free to register, buy or sell. Clothes swapping has become hugely popular since swishing parties caught on, a phenomena in the US. Clothes swapping offers a sustainable and eco friendly for people to refresh their wardrobes and update their style. It helps to combat the growing problem of textile waste in landfill which has been made worse by the latest trend for fast fashions. Second hand clothes also help to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacture and distribution of new clothing. Eco fashion is currently seeing a huge increase in interest as consumers become more aware of the impacts of their consumer choices on the environment. The impact of pesticides in cultivation of cotton has been particularly well publicised and initiatives such as the governments sustainable clothing action plan and Estethica at London Fashion Week has further increased the public interest in sustainable style. Ceri Heathcote Director of Heathcote Communication “We want Posh Swaps to be a free resource where anyone can buy/ sell or swap second hand vintage and restyled clothes. We hope to help create an environmentally and economically sustainable way for people to refresh and update their wardrobes. Swishing parties have become huge and this is just the next step in making the swapping a simple process, with plenty of choice that individuals have complete control over. The Posh Swaps blog will contain posts to help people develop their own individual style instead of following trends as well as fashion on a budget and eco fashion”. offers the opportunity to sell refashioned clothes for free
Posh Swaps, the recently launched website for swapping, buying and selling second hand clothes, now offers those recycling, refashioning and reworking old clothes, the chance to sell their creations for free. Clothes swap websites, second hand and vintage clothes have seen a recent surge in popularity due to a combination of factors including environmental awareness and the recession. Now fashionistas are taking recycling one step further giving old clothes a new lease of life by refashioning and restyling them into new creations. The beauty of wearing refashioned clothes is that each piece is completely unique and individual. Posh Swaps celebrates individual style using second hand and vintage clothes. They promote recycling and environmental issues through their blog, but also recognise the need to look stylish. By allowing creators of refashioned clothes, they hope to create a vibrant market place of innovative and fresh styles for everyone to enjoy. Selling homemade fashion is also hugely popular with many crafters selling their individual pieces through sites like Etsy and Folksy, the UK equivalent. Posh Swaps offers those making fashions using recycled materials a sales platform that is completely free to use. Refashioning of old clothes is the next big trend with some of the big corporate and high street names selling recycled and reworked clothes including Oxfam and Topshop. There are also a growing number of innovative designers and labels using old clothes and recycled textiles in their designs. Whether swapping, selling or buying registration is free and straight forward to set up. Once your account is formed you may begin listing your creations to sell. Simply add a photograph and description of you item and tick the new creation box. Sellers can receive payments directly by PayPal or cheque. The most innovative and talented refashioners will also be featured on the Posh Swaps blog giving them additional exposure. celebrates International Day of Swishing with free online swishing party will celebrate International Day of Swishing on 9th January 2009 with a free online swishing party. The party is open to anyone and everyone with the opportunity to list and swap as many clothes as they like for free. The phenomena of swishing or clothes swap parties have become hugely popular as they are fun, frugal and environmentally friendly. Online swapping is the perfect alternative to swishing for those who prefer to swap from the comfort of their own home. 9th January 2009 has been declared International Day of Swishing by Futerra Sustainability Communications and Lucy Shea founder of Swishing. The flagship event will be held at the Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel in London but for swappers all over the world who want to take part, there will also be an online swishing party at on 9th December 2009. Swappers can join the online party by registering with, before listing as many items of clothing as they like by uploading a photo, description and details. They can then browse swap items listed by others before proposing as many swaps as they like. The website is completely free to use including registering, listing, swapping buying and selling second hand clothes. Fashion Bloggers from all over the world will also be invited to attend and help promote sustainable style by listing their clothes. Ceri Heathcote founder of commented “International Day of Swishing is such a great opportunity to get people from all over the online at once to swap clothes, have fun and promote sustainable style. It is also a great way to refresh your wardrobe for the New Year without spending money and swap any unwanted Christmas presents ” Attend the online swap by visiting to register and list your items of clothing on or before 9th January 2010. clothes swapping website celebrates its first birthday
This month will mark the first anniversary of the launch of clothes swapping website Celebrations at will include a prize draw for anyone that registers and lists clothes to swap during May. There will be some great prizes to be won including £100 of shoe vouchers. Posh Swaps is a place to swap, buy and sell clothes for free. Its first year has been an eventful one, with two clothes swapping or swishing parties in Chiswick and Bath and many more online swaps. Swapping has become hugely popular lately because it is a great way to refresh your wardrobe without spending any money and is also great for the environment. It reduces the amount of clothing going into landfill and also the environmental impacts associated with the manufacture of new clothes. Other clothes websites have introduced fees for swapping, buying and selling clothes, but Posh-swaps has no plans to introduce any fees or charges and hopes to encourage the swapping and recycling of clothes by providing this free service. Throughout the last year has also continued to promote sustainable style and eco fashion through the Posh Swaps blog.To find out more about swapping, buying and selling second hand clothes visit

Q. How do I swap?
Ans. First you will need to register and log in to your account. Then you will need to go to the my account page a list one or more items of your items to swap. To do this you will need a photograph and full details of the items including sizing and description. Once you have done this, you can browse the other items by clicking on swap on the main menu. You can also click on categories on the left hand side of the home page or perform a search or advanced search at the top of the screen. When you have found the item you would like to swap with click on propose swap and choose which of your items you would like to swap and then confirm. You will then need to wait until your swap is accepted or declined, you will receive an email and red message on your my account page when your swap is accepted. You can then use the messaging system to swap addresses and send the items.
Q. How do I buy?
Ans. First you will need to register and log in to your account. Once you have done this, you can browse the items to buy by clicking on 'buy and sell' on the main menu. You can also click on categories on the left hand side of the home page or perform a search or advanced search at the top of the screen. When you have found the item you would like to buy with click on buy now. You will then need to wait until your offer is accepted or declined, you will receive an email and red message on your my account page when your offer is accepted. You will then be able to go to the 'items I am buying' section of the my accounts page and click on payment to make payment by paypal. Once payment is made, you will need to give the seller your address via the messaging system so that they can send your item.
Q. How Do I Sell?
Ans. Register for an account. You will then need to go to the my accounts page and list the item to sell. Once you have done this, you can wait until someone offers to buy. You will receive an email to notify you when someone has requested to buy an item and also get a red message on the my account page. You will then need to accept the sale and they can make payment to you by paypal. Once you have received payment, you should send the item within 5 working days to the buyer using registered/recorded delivery. You should get the buyers address using the messaging system.
Q. How do I change an item that is listed?
Ans. Click on either swap or buy/ sell at the top of the my accounts page, then choose either the 'items I am selling' or 'my items for swap' tab. Your items will be listed with an edit button on the right hand column. Click the edit button make your changes, then click update.
Q. Can I barter with a seller over the price?
Ans. Yes, you can do so over the message system.
Q. What should I do if someone offers me less than the listed price?
Ans. If you receive a message offering a price that is less than the listed price and you would like to accept the offer, change the price on the listing and the send a message to the buyer to let them know that you have changed the price, so they can make an official offer.
Q. Can I list an Item for both swapping and selling?
Ans. Yes you will need to list it twice, but don't forget to remove the listing once the item is swapped or sold.
Q. How do I know what size to buy?
Ans. You can use the size chart as a guide, but if in doubt always message the seller for further information and exact measurements.
Q. How is payment made?
Ans. We recommend making payment by Paypal for maximum security. However if you so not have a paypal account, each item that you list to sell will have a message stating that payment must be by cheque. Once you have recieved the cheque, you will need to go into the my accounts page and 'items I am selling' and click on confirm payment. If you would like to pay for an item by cheque, you can communicate with the seller through the message system.
Q. What happens if I want to swap something with an item of a different value?
Ans. You can barter over any additional payments to make up the value of the swap through the messaging system. We recommend agreeing payments on the messaging system and using paypal for your own protection.
Q. How can I be sure to get my clothes when I swap?
Ans. We cannot make any guarantees or accept any responsibility for goods not received or not as described (please see terms and conditions). Generally swaps/ purchases work out well with both parties happy. However if you are swapping with a brand new swapper with no feedback rating (and you have a feedback rating), it would not be unreasonable to request that they send the clothes first and that you will send the swapped items on their receipt.
Q. How should items be sent?
Ans. Items should be sent recorded delivery with adequate insurance. If using a courier, a signature should be obtained on delivery.
Q. Can I use the site outside of the UK?
Ans. Yes, you will need to bear in mind the delivery charges and agree with swapper/ buyer/ seller as necessary through the messaging system. Remember to take into account the exchange rates, although if both buyer and seller are based in the same country, you can agree the sale in your own currency.
Q. How feedback score worked out?
Ans. The feedback score is calculated using an average of all feedback given.
Q. How can I maximise my chance of getting a swap that I am really happy with?
Ans. Most swaps and purchases work really well. Ask questions through the messaging system to find further details of the items if needed. Always communicate through the messaging system on Always make payments by credit card through the paypal system Always send items recorded delivery or by courier with adequate insurance for the value of the item.
Q. What should I do if the item that I have bought or swapped is not received or is not as described?
Ans. In the first instance, contact the other party through the messaging system allowing 14 days for them to respond. If you do not receive a refund or satisfactory response please contact us with details of the swap sale and we will do our best to resolve the dispute within 5 working days. Where we are unable to get a satisfactory response for both parties, we will make a decision based on the information we have and may take further action including cancelling of accounts and notifying the police. We will usually ask for proof of payment and proof of delivery (signature) as well as checking any communications about the swap or sale made through the website. If we are unable to resolve, you may also be able to get a full refund through your credit card company where a payment has been made by credit card or contact paypal. Please note that the sender is responsible for ensuring that the goods are received at their destination. In the event of goods lost or damaged in the post, the sender should return the money including delivery charge or the swapped item and seek a refund from the courier/ postal service. It is up to the sender to ensure that items are adequately insured.
Q. I am a designer of recycled clothes, how can I sell my clothes?
Ans. You can sell your clothes in the usual way. Just set up an account and list your items.
Q. How can I increase the chance of my items being bought/ swapped?
Ans. 1. Always be truthful and give as much information about the item that you would like to swap as possible. Be honest about any damage as well as giving information on material, washing instructions, the make and measurements where relevant. 2. If you are looking for specific items in exchange make sure that you list them on your wish list. If you do not have specific requirements give details on any preferences that you may have including your style, colours that suit you and designers that you love. 3. Always ask lots of questions before you swap to make sure that the item is exactly what you are looking for. 4. Get your item to be swapped found on the search engines. Make sure you enter a specific title for your item. For example instead of black dress, try black mini sixties cocktail dress. Also try and write at least 200 words in the description, the more you write, the more likely your item will be to show up on the search engine. Also fill in as many of the category details as possible ie size, designer, style, material. You can mention these details again in the description if you like 5. Sell your item in the description. Rather than just the facts, you can say a bit about why you like the item, what it would look good with or how it fits in with the seasons trends e.g the dress is made from beautifully soft material that skims rather than clinging, making it very flattering. It looks great with a pair of sandals on the beach or heels for an evening out. This dress is a great version of this seasons greek goddess style one shouldered dresses. 6. Include the best photos that you can. If the item of clothing fits and looks good on you, try modelling it in one of the photos. Take close up pictures of any interesting detail or designer labels and different angles if relevant. 7. Always send your items by recorded delivery with adequate insurance and keep details of all postage, payments etc. 8. After the swap, message your swapper to let them know that you were happy with the item and check they were happy with theirs. Also remind them to leave feedback. Don’t forget to leave feedback for your swapper. 9. Get more exposure for your items by sending us your pictures of your second hand style. If featured, you will get a link to you profile and items listing from our Posh Swaps blog. 10. Help to get your items found on search engines by linking to them from your blog if you have one. A link using the item title would be ideal.
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